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Even more surprising is the bottom six, who are all tied with 43 mentions apiece. This lot includes Rhaegar’s wife/hostage, Lyanna Stark , another character important to the story but who’s not often talked about — she gets even fewer mentions than Hot Pie (198) and Mord (45), the jailor at the Vale.

Lyanna Stark Hot Pie

Check out the whole list , and to see where your favorite characters clock in. It’s a fun way to pass the time until Winds of Winter comes out. Or the world ends.

Spoiler Alert!

Please take care to tag spoilers in your comments by wrapping them with <spoiler></spoiler> . Spoilers in comments are hidden by a gray overlay. To reveal, simply hover or tap on the text!
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Sad. I hope somehow they can watch the whole...

Sad it’s coming to an end. But we still have to...

I wish but no. Too much CG work.

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The attention you get feels as though you are #1…

Christopher Banys, Founder
Banys, P.C.

Advocate Capital lets me be an attorney, not a banker…

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The people at Advocate get it…

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They are a true partner and they understand the unique financial needs of a plaintiff firm…

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Advocate Capital has allowed me to push my cases faster and reach earlier and higher settlements…

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They have been very professional and great to work with…

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Harper, Evans, Wade and Netemeyer

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Jay Trucks Associates, P.C.

Advocate Capital has been instrumental in the growth of our personal injury law practice…

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Advocate Capital provides the case funding I need at a reasonable cost…

Michael Parks
Michael Parks, Attorney at Law

Our firm has been happily dealing with Advocate for years…

Sam McGee, Member
Tin Fulton Walker Owen

You will not find a better and more understanding partner than Advocate Capital…

John H. Fisher, President
John H. Fisher, P.C.

Advocate Capital believes in long term success and supports this firm in our endeavors to reach our objectives…

Thomas B. Calvert
Thomas B. Calvert, A Professional Law Corporation

They have provided our offices with fantastic professional services…

David Lederer, Partner
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Advocate Capital has been very easy to work with and very professional…

Peter M. Steinberg, Owner
Steinberg Injury Lawyers

They are very professional and very easy to work with…

Anna Dubrovsky, President
Anna Dubrovsky, Inc.

I would like to sincerely thank Advocate Capital for their generous gift to Trial Lawyer College®…

John Sloan of Longview/Houston, TX, President
The Trial Lawyers College

I find their staff helpful, professional, and efficient..

Stuart Carpey, Owner
Carpey Law, P.C.

Their service and commitment are without equal…

Jack Todd Ivey
Ivey Law Firm, P.C.

The single best decision I’ve made in 30 years of practice…

Steve Glickman, Vice President
Glickman Glickman

I have had nothing but good experiences with Advocate Capital…

Ken Shigley, Owner
Shigley Law

They are extraordinarily organized, timely, and easy to work with…

Erik Child, Principal
Child Jackson, A Professional Law Corporation

Advocate Capital has been the most effective decision we have made in growing our practice…

Joseph DePaola, Owner
DePaola Valdes, L.L.P.

Advocate Capital truly understands how a plaintiff’s firm operates…

Jason Chandler, Director of Operations
Frenkel Frenkel, LLP

Advocate Capital provides tremendous flexibility and the means to develop fully our clients’ cases…

Sam C. Rumph, III, Partner
Rumph Childers, LLC

They take the time to understand our practice and our needs…

Joel Rhine, Partner
Rhine Martin Law Firm, P.C.

Advocate Capital enables me to grow in quality and quantity…

Edmond El Dabe, Principal
El Dabe Law Firm

I just want you to know that you guys have made a big difference…

Genie Harrison, Esq., Lead Trial Attorney
Genie Harrison Law Firm

Advocate Capital is the best thing to happen to our practice in nearly 30 years…

Bob Solomon, Owner
Robert A. Solomon, P.C.

Advocate Capital has been a true stress reliever for my business operation management…

John Griffith, Attorney/Founder/Member
GriffithLaw, PLLC

I checked them out carefully prior to signing up, and heard nothing but positive reviews…

Lyle M. Gregory, Attorney/Owner
Gregory and Associates

Advocate Capital stood out head and shoulders above all the rest…

Lucas T. Baker, President
Baker Billick, P.A.

Advocate Capital has exceeded our expectations…

Dan O’Leary, Owner
Law Offices of Daniel M. O’Leary

We have found the company to be very professional, credible, and reliable…

James T. Capretz, Esq., Principal
Capretz Associates

I would definitely recommend Advocate Capital to any firms considering funding their cases…

Elena Magill, Bookkeeper
Magill Law Offices

Advocate Capital has provided my law firm the required capital to stand up and fight for justice everyday!

Albert G. Stoll, Jr., President
Albert G. Stoll, Jr., A Law Corporation

Their program allows our firm to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients…

J. Edward Bell, III, Senior Partner
Bell Legal Group

Advocate Capital, Inc. has always been responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with…

Don Barrett, Owner/Managing Partner
Barrett Law Group, PA

I can honestly say that going to Advocate Capital has changed my level of service to my clients greatly…

Scott Hoy, Principal
Hoy Trial Lawyers, Prof. LLC

Advocate Capital has enabled my firm to do our work more efficiently and capably…

Keith Galliher, President
The Galliher Law Firm

Advocate Capital has provided excellent services to my firm and its clients since 2010…

Jeremy D. Pasternak, Principal
Law Offices of Jeremy D. Pasternak, A Professional Corporation

We have been very pleased with our decision to work with the Advocate Capital team…

Tim O’Keefe, Partner
Kenny, O’Keefe Usseglio, P.C.

Our firm would highly recommend Advocate Capital to any firm seeking financial assistance…

Lauren Keeling, Marketing Director
Atkins Markoff

We no longer worry about day to day cash flow issues…

Michele Vaughan, Owner
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They have given our firm freedom and peace of mind…

Chelsea Dickerson, Principal
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Our relationship with Advocate Capital has allowed us to go toe to toe with all opponents…

Harvey D. Peyton, Senior Lawyer
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The online interface makes funding cases a fast and simple task…

Frank A. Magnanimo, Partner
Magnanimo Dean, LLP

Flexible and reasonable…

Gerald C. Sterns, Partner
Sterns Walker

Thank you for making our stressful profession a little less stressful…

Ira Perlman, Partner
Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman and Robert D. Rosen

We highly recommend Advocate Capital to all of our peers…

Keith Grumer, President
Grumer Macaluso, P.A.

They provide you with a very hands-on and capable support staff…

Greg La Sorsa, Owner
La Sorsa Beneventano

They treated us with care and respect…

Matt Meyerkord, Owner
Meyerkord, Russell Hergott, LLC

The Advocate Capital expense line allowed me to work up my complex cases the right way.

Joe Russo, Owner and Managing Partner
The Injury Law Center

They have shown a solid understanding of the legal business often not found in other lending facilities…

John Winer, Partner
Winer, McKenna Burritt, LLP

Now, we have the freedom to represent all of our clients to the fullest…

Gary Massey, Jr., Owner
Massey Associates, PC

Advocate Capital has allowed our firm greater flexibility in going toe-to-toe with large insurance companies…

John Moore, Principal
Brown, Moore Associates, PLLC

They truly take a personalized approach to their business relationships…

David L. McCollum, Partner
McCollum Griggs, LLC.

Advocate Capital understands the funding needs of plaintiff law firms…

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Advocate Capital has been an invaluable partner in the growth and prosperity of my law firm…

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Cathy Donohoe, Owner
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Kevin B. Fullen, Firm Administrator
Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher Perry

I have been very impressed with the professionalism of its entire staff…

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We were initially skeptical about case funding programs…

Chuck Sickels, Managing Partner
Sickels, Frei Mims, LLP

Advocate Capital has always been a true partner in the operation of our business…

Edward Sutherland, Owner
Law Offices of Edward P. Sutherland

Advocate Capital provides resources to firms and counsel that help level the field…

Anthony Liberatore, Owner Attorney
A. Liberatore, P.C.

They have helped us tremendously with our very busy personal injury practice…

Steven Schwartz, Managing Partner
Joel H. Schwartz, P.C.

Using Advocate’s online service allows my office immediate access to vital information…

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Advocate has always been cooperative and accommodating to our needs…

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Law Firm of Roger Rocky Walton, P.C.

Advocate Capital has greatly helped us increase our access to case related expenses…

Galen Hair, Partner
Scott, Vicknair, Hair Checki, LLC

Not only am I able to borrow money at the click of a button on their website, I am also able to get an immediate payoff figure…

John Bazzurro, Owner
Law Offices of John T. Bazzurro, LLC

The team at Advocate is very customer focused…

Kay Van Wey, Owner
Van Wey Law, PLLC

Two words come to mind…

Dr. Bernard E. Grysen, Owner
Grysen and Associates

Advocate Capital is a true partner in our firm’s quest to provide justice to our clients…

Angel Reyes, Managing Partner
Reyes Bartolomei Browne

Everything is always done right and on time…

Brewster S. Rawls, Partner
Rawls, McNelis Mitchell, P.C.

Advocate Capital is a great resource for sole practitioners like myself…

Michael Parks
Michael Parks, Attorney at Law

Advocate Capital has provided the ability to manage cash flow in a more efficient manner…

Vandana Faust, CPA
Michael D. Ponce Associates, PLLC

Receiving information needed to work our files is so much quicker…

Nancy Patterson, Bookkeeper
Pfeifer Morgan Stesiak

Using the Advocate case expense funding program is a vital part of my high-volume workers compensation practice…

Frank Burns, Principal
J. Franklin Burns, P.C.

Advocate Capital has enabled me to be competitive with multi-attorney firms…

Kip Sinclair, President
Sinclair Law Offices

Our firm has been able to take on bigger cases that would be more expensive to litigate…

Cheryl Console, Financial Controller
Console Hollawell

Thrilled with the positive impact they’ve had on our firm…

Danny Daniel Jonathan Stark, Partners
Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

Advocate Capital has been a invaluable resource for our clients and for our law firm…

Garrett Handy, Principal Attorney
Handy and Handy, P.C.

Being a part of the Advocate Capital family has been wonderful…

A.W. Smith, Owner
The A.W. Smith Law Firm, P.C.

Advocate Capital has been a huge benefit to our firm since day one…

Valerie L. Rodrigue, Paralegal
The Law Office of John J. Finckbeiner, Jr.

I love AdvoTrac®!

Kenya Cantrell, Litigation Paralegal
Flynn Law Firm, LLC

I can say without reservation that we owe a significant part of our success to Advocate Capital…

Daniel Ross, Owner
Ross Law P.C.

Advocate Capital has helped us achieve the highest possible recovery for our clients…

Rob Cartwright, Owner
The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc.

Financing cases with Advocate Capital is perfect for our law firm…

Patrick Miller, Partner
Miller Ogorchock, S.C.

Advocate Capital, Inc. has made it easy for my firm to cut through the red tape to fund our cases in an efficient manner…

Howard S. Richman, Partner
Grant Richman PLLC

Thanks to Advocate Capital we can go toe to toe with the defense without the worry of increasing litigation costs…

Phillip T. Vondra, Attorney
Law Offices of Vondra Hanna

My clients are getting representation and my firm is making more money. It is a win-win…

Jeremy Rosenthal, CEO
Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal

I highly recommend this service for any attorney who routinely advances costs on behalf of clients…

Matthew Dubin, Owner
Law Office of Matthew D. Dubin, PLLC

Advocate Capital understands our needs and delivers every time…

Jesus Dovalina, Owner
Law Offices of Jesus M. Dovalina, P.C.

We consider them to be a key part of our success formula…

J. Gary Gwilliam, President
Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli, Brewer, P.C.

Advocate Capital helps to level the playing field…

Stephen Stewart, President
The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC.

The funding assistance is extremely helpful…

Charles Alford, President
The Alford Law Group, PA

I find the people there easy to work with, and the funding helps me manage case costs…

Steve Krafchick, Principal
Krafchick Law Firm PLLC

Get on with being a lawyer and not a banker!

Lance Sears, Partner
Sears and Associates, P.C.

The strength of the company makes Advocate Capital an excellent partner to achieve long-term business goals…

Christian Scranton, President
Scranton Law Firm

I absolutely recommend Advocate Capital to any personal injury firm who is looking to expand their caseload…

Jeff Rasansky, Principal Attorney
Rasansky Law Firm

The attention you get feels as though you are #1…

Christopher Banys, Founder
Banys, P.C.

Advocate Capital lets me be an attorney, not a banker…

Aaron Marks, Principal/Attorney
Marks Law Group, LLC

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